Skydiving can be a dangerous sport without proper knowledge and intuition. Astonishingly, most accidents in our sport today are occurring after the parachute has opened properly. Every year, there are many incidences that could have been avoided with better knowledge, understanding and experience through correct instruction.
Skydive Transilvania is dedicated in trying to reduce the number of accidents in canopy flying by offering professional canopy piloting courses for skydivers of all levels.
Our courses are available for any skydiver who holds an ‘A’ Licence or above. Whether you are looking for softer landings, improved accuracy, safer flying or more advanced canopy techniques, we can cater for you.
We provide a different range of canopy courses to suit your needs. Our package is the popular providing the student with a vast range of knowledge and skills to take away with them. Thorough ground schooling combined with in-air exercises and debriefed landings (all of which are videoed) are used to give students practical knowledge and understanding of flying and landing their canopy safely.
Please contact us if you require any information regarding canopy piloting and we will do our best to help you.

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