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Tandem jumps from the plane. Free fall for everyone.

The history of SKYDIVE TRANSILVANIA began in 2007. This was a beginning of a project that until then was just a vision. The aim was to create a private parachuting center in Transylvania. The initial project was a struggle with the Romanian bureaucracy, but succeeding in setting up a club, weekend activities became a reality. Every year, a growing number of people are joining our activities, so we become a great family at the end of the year. By sharing experience, you will forget about the daily stress of normal life.

Asociatia Club Sportiv Skydive Transilvania, registered no. 28/2009, CIF: 25312687, head office Cluj-Napoca. Str., Mogosoaia Nr. 3 Ap.87, postal code 400652, Jud Cluj, Romania, represented by President Baciu Doru-Ovidiu

NGO set up since 2009, a Skydiving Sports Club present for the development of parasutism in Transylvania, affiliated with the Romanian Aeronautical Federation and authorizations of the USA (United States Parachute Association) to operate as a parachuting center and to issue parasutism licenses.

The concept of this association originated in the mind of a line pilot, Frederic Lagrange initially at Carpatair, and now at Wizzair, in 2007, when he stepped off the threshold of Cluj-Napoca, he immediately fell in love with Cluj. He is also a skydiver, so he wanted to continue his activity, but he did not have anywhere, he prepared a well-planned plan for skydiving jumps. Because the ability to move somewhere in the country to make 2-3 jumps was small, due to the little time he had at his disposal and speech deficiencies at that time. So he began the research to get in touch with skydivers from Cluj and finally gave Doru Baciu a skydiving instructor, at the time working at Total Air (skydive company in Ploiesti, no more exist now) and volunteer at the Romanian Aeroclub. The proposal to become an association seemed interesting, especially for the great demand from the Cluj and the Transylvanians to practice this aeronautical sport every weekend. Most of the desires are between the ages of 16 and 70, not having the opportunity to jump with the parachute in the Transylvanian, to satisfy the thirst for adrenaline, and there is no opportunity at that time. The association is non-profit and non-governmental, with the aim to develop Romanian  skydiving at international standards, to co-opt as many people interested in this sport.
So we slowly began to build the concept of jumping from the plane throughout the year, as often as possible.
Algirdas Barteska, commander of the line, has add him in to fly a plane, so he joined our association. In 2008, the first steps were materialized.
Our goal is to develop this branch in time and to be internationally known, especially as we have chosen a name with historical and symbolic resonance.
In April 2009 we started with a Piper Seneca Pa-34 rented airplane from Lithuania, weighing 1800kg, bimotor with 6 place for skydivers, plus the pilot of course, which has a climbing efficiency of 3000 meters in 15 minutes, using the LL100 fuel that was piloted by Algirdas and Daniel Burian, and helped coordinate the Flight of Andres Reservoir Commander from the Military Aviation Fleet. Currently, the pilots' team has grown.
We use SIGMA jump parachute, the safest in the world market, valued by Tandem instructors Doru Baciu. Nicolae Cuibus, Adrian Sacara and Rares Boanca. The facility to memorize the moment by recording the jump from equipment until after landing, on electronic support. at the highest quality, Oana Oros, Andy Daubler, Frederic, Todorut Mihai, Oltean Ciprian and from time to time and Doru, provided by us as soon as possible. This is the involvement of a skydiver with an Action Camera  that can surprise your joy in a free fall.

Zet Art visited us with his camera, captured some images and since 2009 is joining us to capture the leaps as much as possible from the ground.
In addition to having access to fun jumping almost any person up to 100 kg body weight and with small exceptions up to 110 kg, for some extra costs, regardless of nationality, sex, faith or political affiliation, we also offer skydivers to join us , to raise their sporting craftsmanship, providing them with a plane and parachutes, through the USPA-sponsored school at affordable prices, if they become a contributing member, and thus get some facilities. We appreciate the support given by Lake Luncani's administration to use the runaway and part of the infrastructure to be able to operate, to all the authorities involved promptly, but especially to Mr. Rotaru Cristian who has been offering us since 2011 all the facilities for a "Drop Zone" in development for aviation infrastructure and another member Macai Ionut buying a Cessna 182-B plane that we are currently using with 4 seats.
We have also acquired parachutes, jump equipment, equipment required for leaps according to requests, we organize national, European and international competitions on different branches of parachuting, such as classical evidence of precision of landing and acrobatics as well as in the future (RW), swoop, freefly. We also offer demonstrations to promote this sport, to develop.
At present, we work on the Luncani airfield, a land near the military airfield in Luna, the rented plane, rented parachutes, own equipment and accessories needed for tandem jumping, individual schooling and training.

The "Asociatia Club Sportiv Skydive Transilvania" operates mainly on donations and sponsorships offered by friends, supporters, club members using the IBAN account: RO 29 BTRL 01301205 R 00405 XX of Transylvania Bank.