How to do your first AFF jump... Not soo hard actually

The AFF course is by far the best and safest way to be introduced into the world of freefall. In this course you will learn not only how to control and fly your parachute, but you will also learn how to control your body in freefall.

With your private instructors you will undergo extensive ground school, and preparatory training to enable you to attain the learning objectives set out for each jumps from 10.500 ft. You will make a Tandem jump to once again review all the proper procedures, in freefall and under the parachute. This will be followed by a total of seven Accelerated Freefall jumps (levels). On these jumps you will be accompanied by two instructors on the first 3 levels and by one instructor on the final four levels who provide assistance by initially holding on to your arms and parachute harness and giving instructions in freefall. On every jump you will accumulate one minute of freefall time.

Your jumps (levels I to VII) will most of the time be recorded by air-to-air video to allow the instructors to provide the most accurate post-jump evaluation and critique of your performance. The video will be recorded by one one the instructors.


During the descent under the square parachute there is a FM radio link between you and another instructor on the ground, who will give you guidance by radio if necessary. Generally, after seven AFF jumps you will be able to perform all the basic manoeuvres in freefall and under your parachute.The duration of this course is approximately 4 to 7 days.

The AFF course is recognized world wide and when you graduate you will be able to skydive in any part of the world.