Tandem jumping with parachute

Tandem parachute jump is the simplest and best alternative for those who want to experience free fall and parachute flight. Anyone with discernment can do this type of jump, the minimum age of 16 (the agreement of both parents to the notary) with a normal physical condition, because the jump in tandem is done with an experienced instructor.

Tandem jumping is done with a special parachute for 2 people. The passenger's harnest is attached to the instructor's parachute which is a special tandem parachute, because the tandem instructor is responsible for opening the parachute and landing safely. The preparation for the jump takes 10-15 minutes, after completing the necessary documentation, you will receive a jump suit. It is enough to come with a T-shirt, a sports pants (either long or short) and light sport shoes.

You will jump from 3000 meters, the flight takes about 18-22 minutes and you will experience about 35-40 seconds of free fall, then parachute flying for a few minutes. Do not forget to enjoy the view! For this you will get a special goggles for jump, that resists over 200km/h, if you wear eyeglasses we use over goggles.


We have a place to the aerodrome view, for your supporters.

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We jump normaly on Saturday and Sunday.

Call 073-7593483 between 9:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday to schedule your jump!

Filming and Photos

The biggest regret of the first jumpers is that they have not chosen to filming and photos the jump. Video and jump pictures will help you relive the jump experience in the future, and then it's the first jump.

Most people make one jump in their lives. Why not save it, have it as a souvenir and show it to your family and friends ?! A professional parachutist will jump side of you, he will film the preparation of the jump, the plane flight, the free fall and the landing. At the end you will receive the video recording with all the important steps of your jump.

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Gift voucher

Give a special gift to your friends! Buy a gift voucher for jump in tandem! Call 0737593483 for the purchase.

The voucher will be emailed to you electronically along with the instructions for using the voucher and other details.

We just need the name of the person to receive the gift to print the voucher.

The voucher will be valid throughout the year and with the possibility of extension for the following year.

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